Attention emerging music artists:
Do you have great song ideas but are struggling to have them produced and released?
My name is Jordan and I'm a music producer, composer, and artist coach that works with up and coming singers. From songwriting to getting your music streaming on Spotify and beyond. LET'S TURN YOUR SONG IDEAS INTO FINISHED STUDIO TRACKS!
The Feedback From Clients Has Been Ridiculous
Check out what a few of my regular clients have to say about working with me!

December Rose

"I gave Jordan a mess of a song, and he turned it into gold. A true creative genius. Honest, humble, punctual, talented, and a team player. Jordan is a diamond in the rough."

Austen Warren

"Jordan is an incredibly talented producer who works side by side with clients to create high quality, original songs tailored to the needs of each artist. He has a really good ear for capturing the essence of the kind of music you want to create and he is very personable and easy to talk to." 

Sir Magnus

"Jordan made me feel like a friend. We worked hard…the song just came together, and it was so awesome!” 
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This guide covers everything from trademarking your performer name, registering with a Performing Rights Organization to collect radio royalties, understanding distribution so that you can have your music on Spotify, and much more! Sent to you instantly when you book your free meeting.
Your Journey begins with a great song
Whatever your personal goals are with your music career, whether it's selling out Madison Square Garden, earning a solid living through streaming and sync placement (ads, film and TV), or through direct-to-fan and subscription-based revenue systems, it begins with a great recording of your music.
I'm a music producer, composer, drummer and audio engineer.
Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child I've known that music is what I am meant to do with my life. For the last 6 years I have spent all of my time operating my own studio. I love being a music producer because I can help other musician's make their dreams come true. Other musicians like you. 
Together, we'll take your song ideas, and turn them into great finished tracks. I offer:
  •  Production and Co-Songwriting
  • ​Vocal Tracking and Editing
  • Mixing and Mastering
Here Are Some of the Recent Projects I've Done
The best part of my job is hearing how happy the artists I collaborate with are
I don't work with just anyone
I'm not looking to work with people who have no ambition or interest in learning and improving. Or people who do not invest in themselves and their music. Or people who expect everything to be handed to them without putting any work in themselves. But if you are passionate and dedicated to your music, have a cultivated talent, and are open to collaborating with a professional music producer, I want to hear from you.
How will your music career look after successfully releasing your new material?
build a growing fan base
Music streaming presence
 Prove Your Haters Wrong
We'll collaborate every step of the way, from the initial songwriting, all the way to the official launch of your mastered tracks. Invest in your dreams now, and have a recording of your music that will live on forever.
  •  Production and Songwriting
  • ​Vocal Tracking and Editing
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Free Copy of Launch Your Music Career
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